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If you were a kid and merely got stranded on an island. how would you move? In Lord of the Flies. a group of male childs got stranded on an island and they try to construct a society and battle to last. There are many chief characters that had a large influence on this.

In Lord of the Flies. Ralph could be described as a leader. He demonstrates this through his actions. such as the childs voting him as head and him accepting this challenge. ( Chapter 1. Page 23 ) Besides. he built huts on the beach with Simon for shelters merely in instance it stormed. ( Chapter 3 ) He thought it was of import but to everyone else it was a waste. so Ralph and Simon built them by themselves. He was right about the storm and everyone seen that he was wise. ( chapter 9. Page 152-154 )

Ralph is the type of cat who would desire the best for everybody. He stands up for what he wants and is just to everybody. He tries to acquire along with Jack in the beginning. but Jack didn’t like Ralph from the start and was mean to him the whole clip. ( Chapter 1. Page 22- terminal )

You could to boot state that Ralph is civilized. He wants an ordered society where they can calculate there manner off the island.
Jack. in Lord of the Flies. is besides a leader. He tries to be main in the beginning. but was taken away by voting. ( Chapter 1. Page 22 ) He is the leader of his choir. ( Chapter 1. Page 19-20 ) He’s besides demoing it by runing for the first clip so everyone can eat something other than fruit. ( Chapter 3. Page 48-49 )

Jack is besides greedy. When he is runing. he kills but wants to kill more. ( Chapter 4. Page 63 ) He gets so haunted with it. that he paints his face with clay for disguise. He besides greed’s for power over people. When Ralph is voted head. Jack was ferocious and has tried to acquire back at him since. ( Chapter 12 ) `Jack is the most violent individual there is on the island. He has demands for killing. after he had the epinephrine of killing his first hog. ( Chapter 4. Page 69 ) He’s besides involved with Piggy’s decease. ( Chapter 11. Page 181 ) And in chapter 12. he hunts Ralph. Every one of Jack’s work forces was against Ralph.

Piggy whines a batch about different things. He was foremost whining about non being able to swim because of his asthma. ( Chapter 1. Page 13 ) After voting for head. Ralph chooses Simon to research the island even thought Piggy volunteered to. He was whining about that for awhile. ( Chapter 1 ) In chapter two. he was besides whining about how immature everyone was moving. ( Chapter 2. Page 38 )

Wise is another character trait of Piggy. He ever thinks in front. He thought it would be a great thought to do a fire so when person was around they could see the fume and deliver the male childs. ( Chapter 2. Page 38 ) As the most adult-like kid. Piggy wants societal order. He will merely talk if he has the conch. ( Chapter 2. Page 42 )

Piggy is confident in what he does. When he told Ralph his name. Ralph made merriment of him but Piggy stuck up for himself. ( Chapter 1. Page 11 ) Besides. he has no 2nd ideas. He backs up Ralph when Ralph was holding 2nd ideas about his leading and being head. ( Chapter

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Choose a novel with a character who you find interesting. With reference to the text show how the writer made the character interesting.

In The Lord of the Flies by William Golding Ralph is a very interesting character. In the novel a group of boys become stranded on a desert island and must fight to survive. Ralph is a compelling character because he is the one who fights to keep civility alive amongst the boys and tries to stop them becoming savages. We can track how he does this throughout the novel.

The first way Ralph proves to be interesting is when he establishes a sense of order on the island. He finds a large conch and gathers the boys together and tells them “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak, they won’t be interrupted”. We can see clearly here that there is a sense of democracy, any boy who wishes to speak will be given the chance to do so. The idea that they won’t be ‘interrupted’ shows that Ralph expects the boys to listen to each other and give each other respect even if they don’t agree with one another. Ralph is also clearly the leader here as he is the one in charge of where the conch goes. This makes Ralph interesting as he is clearly the authority figure and he is clearly in charge at this point.

Ralph continues to exert his authority over the boys. The younger boys begin to slack off from their work and the older boys don’t pay attention to the fire and so Ralph shouts “I’m calling an assembly” and the boys immediately gather at the point. This shows that Ralph is still the boss at this point and it shows the boys still have a sense of civility as they conform to Ralph’s instructions. This is interesting because it shows Ralph is still able to control the boys at this point and there is still a sense of a functioning society.

Ralph sees that the boys are starting to move away from their civility as time passes and he tries to remind the boys of who they are. The older boys let the fire go out and Ralph, furious at them asks “Are we savages or what?” The tone of this is angry and he is trying to tell the boys that they need to behave better. The loss of fire is a loss of hope of rescue. Letting the fire go out suggests that some of the older boys aren’t actually fussed about getting off the island. This scene is interesting because it shows Ralph is starting to feel exhausted from being the only authority figure and he is getting frazzled at trying to get so many boys to conform to rules that will ultimately save them.

Ralph starts to lose his authority when Jack begins to openly challenge him. Jack punches Piggy and steals his glasses in order to restart the signal fire, Ralph calls him out on it saying “That was a dirty trick” and we are told “Ralph felt his lip twitch”. Ralph is openly identifying Jack’s deviant actions whereas in the past he would have let Jack away with it. He is trying to control Jack here. His lip twitching is an involuntary action but it betrays Ralphs dislike for Jack. This scene is interesting as the group of boys can now see the split between Jack and Ralph and will be forced to take sides, and Ralph here actually looks weaker because he is not using brute strength.

Finally Ralph loses control of the boys completely but refuses to join them as he still clings to civility over savagery. When Simon is mistaken for the Beast and murdered Ralph is the only one who will admit “that was Simon, that was murder” and when they are finally rescued and the naval officer asks jokingly had they killed anyone Ralph responds “Only two” and Golding reveals “The officer knew when people were telling the truth. He whistled softly.” Ralph’s first statement is just that, a clear acknowledgement that the boys’ savage behaviour has led them to kill someone. Ralph’s response to the naval officer implies that the boys could have ended up killing more boys if rescue hadn’t occurred. Ralph is not scared of the truth. Ralph is interesting because he is the one boy on the island who has matured and grown a strong moral centre prizing civility over savagery.

In conclusion, Golding makes Ralph an interesting character by showing him grow as a leader and then remain the only boy who will not succumb to savagery by joining Jack’s group. Ralph is there to show us what could happen when savagery takes over from civility.

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