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Watson-Glaser™ Critical
Thinking Appraisal

Available in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, French, and Dutch

Better thinking is as easy as RED

Nothing is more important than how an individual thinks. The Watson-Glaser II is the leading critical thinking test used to assess and develop decision making skills and judgment. Thousands of organizations and schools use Watson-Glaser to hire great managers, develop high-potential employees, and admit students into challenging programs. Watson-Glaser is the gold standard in cognitive ability testing because it precisely measures critical thinking ability—one of the strongest predictors of job success and overall performance.

Scores are based on our RED critical thinking model:


Leadership DevelopmentCollege Recruiting
High-Potential IdentificationProgram Admissions


Check with your local office for Watson-Glaser certification, training, and report options.



  • Decision making
  • Judgment and problem solving
  • Openness to new experience
  • Practical intelligence

Combine Lenses

Watson + Golden

Combine Watson and Golden to expand the information available from the Watson-Glaser II by providing insights on preferences related to decision-making and interpersonal style.

The Gold Standard Critical Thinking Test

There is a reason why the Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal is the most widely used tool for selecting great managers and developing future leaders: It works. Developed in 1925, today the Watson-Glaser is the premier tool for evaluating the cognitive ability of professionals.

Watson At-A-Glance

  • Assesses critical thinking ability and decision making
  • Predicts judgment, problem solving, creativity, openness to experience & more
  • Long history of use in business, government, and education
  • Correlates with other leading ability and personality tests
  • Online administration at TalentLens.com - Register now and start assessing
  • Quick 40-item, multiple choice test with many reporting options


Watson-Glaser can be administered in these languages: Australian English, UK English, US English, Indian English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

Science That Works

Watson-Glaser is the gold standard because it precisely measures critical thinking ability—one of the strongest predictors of job success. Nothing is more important than how employees question, analyze and make decisions under pressure.


The Watson-Glaser has a distinguished history, dating back to its initial development in 1925 by Goodwin Watson and E. M. Glaser, a professor and student at Columbia Teachers College. The first version was the Watson tests of fair-mindedness, published in 1925. The first extensive revision was the Watson-Glaser Tests of Critical Thinking, published in 1941. Then followed a series of revisions aimed at creating parallel forms, reducing the number of items, and improving the test. In 1994 a Short Form was published which increased its popularity in corporations. In June of 2009, Pearson published the Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Appraisal, introducing its easy-to-use RED model of critical thinking.

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