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The Quest system is a tool designed to expand your options as an instructor for delivering content to your students. By giving you a platform to deliver content to your students anywhere with an internet connection, Quest can help you efficiently use valuable time and resources both inside and outside of class.

Some benefits of using the Quest system include:

  • Access, create, revise and share course resources and assignments from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The ability to create your own online questions or choose from over 90,000 questions from our curated problem banks.
  • Repurposes in-class time for things like student collaboration, labs, and one-on-one instruction.
  • A customizable online grade book that can export to a spreadsheet and other common grade book programs.
  • Students can learn material at their own pace with real-time feedback from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Students can go back and review material for as long as you choose to keep it open.
  • Students no longer have to fall behind due to absences.

Quest Learning and Assessment™ was developed by the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to the University of Texas, Quest has provided classroom support to instructors at 52 colleges/universities and 723 high schools around the world; resulting in over 300 million student responses.

How to make the most of your courses in Quest

If you are a student reading this, you may be taking a course that uses the Quest Learning & Assessment tool. So, what does that mean? Now that you have Quest at your fingertips, how should you be using it (and class time) to maximize your learning experience?

General Strategies

  • Take notes as you watch the videos. Try to keep a notebook just like you would if going to class.
  • Feel free to hit pause and talk to others as you all work through lessons.
  • Review your notes and circle areas you have questions about. Write the questions down.
  • Use email, Piazza/discussion-board, or class time to share questions with the instructor, TA, or other students. Google other online resources and do some background research.
  • If the instructor has created learning modules with questions in Quest, write down the questions and how they were connected to the video lectures.
  • Come to class ready to solve problems. When your instructor has asked you a question in class, connect it to the online lectures you watched prior to class.
  • As you look at the homework problems, try to make a connection between the questions and the ideas you learned in the online tutorials.
  • Think of your instructor as your personal fitness trainer. Your instructor is there to coach you, encourage you, and point to areas where you need improvement. But your instructor cannot do the learning for you, just like a personal trainer can’t lift your weights.

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