Si Clauses French Gcse Coursework

These 'if' phrases or 'si' clauses in Spanish are sometimes tricky to understand but can really boost your essay or oral exams. They aren't complicated to use once you understand them and can help to get that variety of tenses into your work. 

There are 3 main set-ups for using this structure. 

1. Present indicative 

This is when the condition is taking place in the present and the result of the condition will also either be in the present or the future

The structure is SI + present indicative + present/future/imperative 

So, as an example:

Si llueve, no vamos a la playa 

Translation as: If it rains, we will not go to the beach.

As you can see, the first verb, llover - to rain, is in the present and the result, going to the beach, is in the future. 

2. Past Subjunctive 

This second structure is slightly more complex and is used in circumstances when the condition is not true. The condition is therefore past and subjunctive and the result is conditional, since it is not true. 

The structure is SI + imperfect subjunctive + conditional 

For example,

Si yo fuera estudiante de ciencias, yo sería muy triste. 

Translated as: If I were a science student, I would be very unhappy 

And the verb ser is in the past subjunctive (fuera) and is used again in the conditional at the end (sería). 

3. Pluperfect Subjunctive 

Lastly, the third structure is used when past fact is false in comparison to Structure 2 where present fact is false. So the condition is one step behind the past so is still subjunctive but also pluperfect and the result is still conditional but in the past.

The structure is: SI + pluperfect subjunctive + past conditional 

This becomes more clear with an example. 

Si yo hubiera tenido más dinero, yo habría ido de compras.

Translation: If I had had more money, I would have gone shopping.

It describes something that could or would have happened if something else had happened too. 

We see huberia tenido in the pluperfect subjunctive and habría ido is the past conditional. 

Hopefully this makes this often confused but very useful structure a little clearer! My advice would be to just keep practising. Perhaps aim to write out 10-15 phrases for each of the 3 structures to really make sure they are clear in your mind :) 

Healthy lifestyles

Your friend emailed on the following points:

  • opinion on healthy habits
  • diet
  • ways to relax
  • opinion on smoking
  • ways to keep a healthy lifestyle in the future

Salut David,

Pour moi, la santé est très importante et j’essaie de mener une vie saine. Je dirais que je suis en bonne santé parce que je prends cinq portions de fruits chaque jour, mais je mange aussi du chocolat tous les jours. Je pense que je suis en forme car je fais de l’exercice cinq fois par semaine et je ne fume pas, cependant, je mange des cochonneries de temps en temps.

Je crois qu’avoir un régime équilibré est la chose la plus importante dans ma vie. Le matin, je mange des céréales pour me donner de l’énergie et je bois un jus de fruits. À midi, je mange un sandwich ou une salade et je prends un thé. J’essaie de ne pas manger trop de sucreries, mais j’ai un faible pour le chocolat et normalement, pour le goûter, je mange une barre de chocolat. Pour le dîner, je mange du poulet ou du poisson parce qu’il faut manger des protéines. C’est nécessaire pour le corps.

Quand je suis stressé, en général, je fais de l’exercice. Je joue au foot avec mes amis par exemple, ou je vais à la piscine. Hier soir, j’ai écouté de la musique pour me détendre parce que je me suis disputé avec ma mère. C’était une conversation difficile, mais après avoir écouté de la musique, j’ai parlé avec elle et maintenant, je me sens bien.

Je ne fume pas, mais j’ai beaucoup d’amis qui fument régulièrement. Je pense que c’est dangereux parce que c’est mauvais pour la santé. Le tabagisme peut causer le cancer des poumons et pour ma part, cela n'en vaut pas la peine.

À l’avenir, j’essayerai d’éviter de manger des cochonneries et j’ai l’intention de faire plus d’exercice le week-end. Pour le goûter, je mangerai un fruit ou un yaourt parce que je voudrais maigrir un peu.

Et toi, qu’est-ce que tu fais pour garder la forme ?

À bientôt,



Hi David,

For me, health is very important and I try to lead a healthy life. I would say that I am healthy because I have five portions of fruit each day but, I also eat chocolate every day. I think that I am in shape because I do exercise five times a week and I don’t smoke, however, I eat junk food from time to time.

I believe that having a balanced diet is the most important thing in my life. In the morning I eat cereal to give me energy and I drink a fruit juice. At midday I eat a sandwich or a salad and I have a tea. I try to not eat too much sugary food but I have a weakness for chocolate and normally as a snack I eat a bar of chocolate. For dinner I eat some chicken or some fish because you have to eat proteins. Your body needs it.

When I am stressed usually I exercise. For example, I play football with my friends or I go to the swimming pool. Last night I listened to music to relax because I argued with my mum. It was awful conversation but after having listened to music, I spoke to her and now I feel fine.

I don’t smoke but I have lots of friends who smoke regularly. I think that it’s dangerous because it’s bad for your health. Smoking can cause lung cancer and for my part it’s not worth it.

In the future I will try to avoid junk food and I intend to do more exercise at the weekend. As a snack I will eat fruit or yogurt because I would like to lose a bit of weight.

What about you? How do you keep fit?

See you soon,


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