Hrmn 300 Case Study 2

SOUTHWOOD SCHOOL: CASE EVALUATION 22Effective recruitment and selection methods narrow down qualified candidates and eventually lead to the interview process in hiring. In Southwood’s case, choosing the best candidate is critical to the continued success of the students and school. Selecting the right questions can be challenging, and formulating common questions often leads to “robotic answers”, not gathering enough information about the candidate’s abilities, and may even leave the school susceptible to lawsuits if illegal questions are asked. A well rounded assortment of opinion, factual, situational, and behavior based questions are the key ingredients to a successful interview and the hiring of the best teacher (McKibben, 2016, pg. 2).The current questions Southwood School implements during interviews are thorough and would likely provide valuable information about each candidate. However, questions should not be so broad and generic that a candidate might easily Google the answers for them. Instead, questions should be constructed objectively, updated constantly to fit the department needs, and above all, they should be tailored to Southwood School’s goals and needs. Studies have shown that up to 73% of principals aren’t properly trained on how to effectively conduct a teacher interview (McKibben, 2016, pg. 1), therefore educating those involved in the interview process is essential. Adding a rubric for the interview can also aid staff members in comparing candidatesas it quantifies their answers. Just as the recruitment phase offers candidates vast information about the position, the interview phase should also provide them with all pertinent school and student data. Providing candidates with everything they need will ensure they are informed about the school’s expectations, as well as whether the job will meet their own expectations. It is during this phase that more candidates can be weeded out if those expectations cannot be met.

SOUTHWOOD SCHOOL RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION ANALYSIS Introduction:There has been an influx in employee turnover for Southwood School, which resulted in more recruitment activity. The school is in the process of employing for their French Teacher vacancy. Though Southwood has made significant improvements from its original methods, the current recruitment and selection process still does not adequately capture the best candidates forthe position. This case study is an analysis of how Southwood School can improve the recruitment and selection process through a more efficient combination of selection methods.Background:A huge part of the selection processes is criteria development. Criteria development entails making sure all individuals involved in the hiring process are adequately trained on the steps for interviewing, including developing criteria, reviewing resumes, developing interview questions, and weighing the candidates (Saylor). A major factor Southwood left out was making sure all individuals in the hiring process are properly trained on the protocol of interviewing. Thecase study expressed that although Southwood has implemented positive changes to their selection process their still experiencing issues in their approach to interviewing candidates. Thisis due to a flawed selection method and lack of interview training. Professional interview training is designed to accomplish many goals. An interviewer must become aware of their assumptions & biases and how it will impact upon the interview process. (Jones, N. (2015, April 7). With interview training, the staff at Southwood would be cognizant of their biases. Interview training will also help panel members organize and collaborate on developing the best interview questions for candidates. Each interviewee has unique personality traits, and it is the job of the interviewer to ask thought provoking questions that extract a response that will undeniably revealthat the candidate selected is the person for the job. Furthermore, when interviewers are using 2

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