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Road rage is a major problem in the United States, anger causes stress, fear, and accidents to our roadways everyday. In this essay we will define road rage, look at the causes and effects, and come up with solutions on how to avoid an altercation with an aggressive driver who has road rage and how to avoid being the cause yourself. Anger is a large part of being human, it is an emotion just like any other and therefore it is hard to overcome. What people need to realize though, is that just like any other emotion, it causes you to focus on it, which in turn causes you to lose focus on whatever you may be doing at the time, which in this case is driving. Since driving is one of the most dangerous things a person can do, losing focus is a very bad thing.

The specific definition of road rage is Violent behavior exhibited by drivers in traffic, often as a manifestation of stress. But what is road rage really? Is it just being angry at another driver after they do something wrong or irritating? No, there is much more to it than that. It isn’t just the emotion, although that is part of it, but it is your or whoever is driving’s reaction to their anger. Therein lies the problem, when a person is in the heat of the moment, tensions are high and people are riled, it becomes difficult to control yourself. When that happens people release the tension by going into tantrums, using obscene gestures to portray their disdain, or using violence toward their own vehicle like breaking something or punching the steering wheel. All these things can be very dangerous when you are trying to drive. But these are just my opinion from my experiences with driving .

Road rage covers a multitude of hostile acts committed by angry or frustrated drivers, from deliberate tailgating to vehicular homicide. The prevalence of road rage has increased so much in the past decade that psychologists have actually classified it as a mental disorder. Many drivers who are prone to sudden emotional outbursts or inappropriate reactions are now said to suffer from intermittent explosive disorder. Not all incidents of road rage can be attributed to a mental disorder, however. Some experts believe drivers learn aggressive behavior from observing their parents and watching numerous examples of simulated road rage on television. In the the case that people may be copying what they see or have seen, could that mean that sometimes road rage could also be a semblance of pride? Maybe it is just a means or way of showing strength. Human beings not backing down from a fight or a showing of aggressiveness towards someone they now consider their enemy. If this is indeed the case, then it is safe to assume that someone’s reaction to hostility on the road would change when there is also someone with them in the vehicle. Someone to show off their “strength” to?

This bring us to the major causes of road rage in the world. Starting with the thing being easily the biggest cause, Stress. Stress is the sole culprit which makes one lose control, even a person who has been considered coolheaded in normal situations will lose control under stressful situations. Everybody wants to rush at places as they want to catch up with so many things and have so little time. Honestly, in this day and age, what doesn’t cause stress to people. There is so much. you couldn’t even list it all. Work, money, relationships, children, deadlines, fear, and fighting, so much stress and mixing that with the fears of the road and sometimes the anger that comes with it and you get a very short fuse on a very stressed out person just waiting to snap.

According to AAA, “Human beings are territorial … The car is an extension of this territory,” this causing the person to get mad and rage about the situation. Also, according to a 2008 study found, humans crave violence just like sex. If thats true then it would mean that when face with a situation where a person will either fight or not not only would most people fight, but they would be consciously choosing to do so. Negative actions play out bigger than positive acts, University of Chicago researchers say. Feeling slighted can have a bigger effect on how a person responds than being the recipient of perceived generosity, the researchers found. “For instance in driving, if you are kind and let someone go in front of you, that driver may be considerate in response. But if you cut someone off, that person may react very aggressively, and this could escalate to road rage,” said University of Chicago psychology professor Boaz Keysar. “Small slights could escalate to unbelievable, irrational feuds.”

The effects of road rage is staggering and terrifying to say the least. A report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that at least 218 men, women, and children are known to have been murdered and 12,610 people injured as a result 10,037 road rage incidents it examined. “The 12,610 injuries included scores of cases in which people suffered paralysis, brain damage, amputation, and other seriously disabling injuries,” the report says. Victims are usually considered accidental deaths, and find themselves unable to avoid the onslaught of an aggressive driver. Although death and killing by road rage is the worst of it, it is not at all the only effect felt. There is also major damage done to things all around, things that everyday people need for everyday living. like damage done to roadways and important buildings life workplaces, schools, and houses and all that damage is incredibly unfair to the innocent people who have absolutely no business with the petty quarrels of the road.

There are only two major basics to the root of road rage. There is the person who is being wronged in some way that it makes them mad enough to rage, then there is the person who doing the thing that creates the problem. So, to prevent road rage you must work on both sides of the problem. For not being the cause, the obvious thing would be to work on you driving skills, maybe if it’s been a while, read up on the rules and laws of the road. If thats not the problem, and the problem with you lies more in the concentration and attention side of things, then try not using your phone in the vehicle, leaving your radio on a volume that will not distract you from what is most important. Pay attention to the road and drive safely and responsibly.

For the receiving end of the conflict, the obvious thing would be to try working on anger management.the same things that would apply to regular anger management would most likely also apply to road rage too. Like getting more sleep to avoid irritation, if you feel yourself clenching the steering wheel or your teeth or something, loosen up take deep breathes. Maybe you could put on some soothing or relaxing music that will ease the mind and calm you down. Also there is the obvious method of de-stressing your self, since stress is the major reason for the anger and irritation, the removal of it would greatly remove the likeness of more aggressiveness on the road. Then lastly, if you are having major problems with anger and irritation on the road and otherwise, you could go see a professional to help you.

In conclusion, the road rage in the world, especially in the united states is a major problem. It is out of control and it is steadily getting worse and worse. We have learned exactly what road rage is, what causes it, and it’s dangers. You can avoid trouble, and save many lives by preventing road rage.

Road Rage

Good air conditioning, nice music, few liter of water and most importantly lots of patience. Here are what you basically need when you are going to drive especially when you are inside or going into urban areas like highway and streets in many cities. But, strangely even if you drive with most cautious and greatest manner you can do there’s still person out there who will make you lose your patience and then there’s small trash talk that would eventually be violence or more commonly known as ‘Road Rage’.

Road Rage by definition is describe as the harsh or violent act shown by drivers through bad behaviours that includes dirty sign languages, shouting of names and insults and threats in regards to other driving person in thinking that it could frighten them or sometimes just releasing stress. Eventually, leading to grave dangers that involves the worst possible outcome, death. Road Rage has been rampant ever since car the start of car industry and this incident doesn’t choose what kind of car it will involve, whether you drive a luxurious model or an old pick-up truck, there could still be an opportunity to get into fight. So, what could cause these incidents? Here are some scenarios that actively cause Road rage incidents.

The Classic of all, ‘Show off’ tricks. Just like how many personalities’ people have like being jolly or moody, being a ‘show off’ is also one of personalities that can be seen on road and this kind of personality is most, if not always, causing Road Rage incidents. This ‘show off’ attitude on the road is when they tried to make maneuvers to people around them, then there’s this of blowing horns when they are just actually right there and not doing any harm but appears to be slow so some show off would be like blowing horns to them and in some worse occasions started cursing or shouting names towards them all of which leads to violence or Road Rage incident.

Also the Minor dents or scratch incidents. On Car parks or driving on highways, there is be a possibility that it could be someone that may hit your car from any direction causing dents or scratch. Depending on the impact, it could be minor or worse damage on the vehicle and his as well. In this case, a sudden snap of big tension can arise. Two people can point fingers who to blame, or one party might get very bossy and starts shouting on the other guy. Which eventually on the worst possibility it could come, the ‘Road Rage’ incident.

Those scenarios I have stated are just some of many reasons that could happen to cause Road Rage incidents. But, how do we eliminate or lessen these incidents? One is accepting the fact that incident/accidents was, is and will be part of our daily activities. It can come in various form, may it be minor or major impact, intentional or unintentionally it will be there and the best thing we can do about it is be prepared. Prepare the safety features of the vehicle, the insurances and other important thing when unwanted scenario happens. Followed by obeying the law, following the signs and stop lights, as well as showing good attitude like give and take can give you less stress and less accidents on roads.

Let’s take keep in mind that being nice person on road involves the understanding the laws and stop lights, respecting the U-turn, sidewalk, pedestrian and other drivers as well. We could be in rush to our events, but let’s always practice the best discipline we can show in order to create harmony and peace towards the people of our society.

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