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I usually like to go to and follow JackFrags for these questions. He usually has a really easy step-by-step on how to unlock the videos.

I found this one for you:

JackFrags Unlock

Based off of several special pictographs that were found in Dragon's Teeth map pack (eight of which), They placed these in a 64 hexagram table that gives each picture a set of numbers. These numbers correspond with the Fibonacci sequence. Changing them from numbers to tri-pictographs then to unicode decimals, you get a sent of numbers (lots of numbers I won't get into). Getting those numbers, you have to changed them from Largest to smallest.

So you get these long Unicode Decimals, DICE dropped a hit stating that "X marks the spot. The Greek one". Well inside the Battlelog Password screen, the Greek X (CHI) was given a number (7.something).

Well, you Multiple the Unicode Decimal (which we'll call U) and multiple CHI^i++:

Ux^0 + Ux^1 + ... U*x^7
Which equals 24344241893.stuff

In the Password screen, they have a parameter called (max, floor). We used max earlier to change the numbers to start largest to smallest. Now we use the floor method to drop all the numbers after the decimal point.

So, Long story short, the answer is 24344241893. Enter that into Battlelog and you'll unlock the next phantom mission.

Also, from Battlelog itself, a forum dedicated to getting Phase 4.

Battlelog Help

Granted this is from November 11th. But this should still apply.

How to access the Phantom Terminal

1)Make sure you have premium on your account

2)Go to the LEADERBOARDS page

3)Scroll to the bottom of the page

4)Click the little skull icon to show the Phantom Terminal

Previous Phantom Program Passwords

Phase 1: bumpinthenight

Phase 2: epic dream worlds

Phase 3: 24344241893

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Here is my ultimate guide to completing the Phantom Program and its Assigments so far, from Phantom Prospect to the latest Phantom Operative Assignment.

“Hello operatives … welcome to the Phantom Program.”

To complete the first three Phantom Assignments, you must be a Premium member for Battlefield 4 on any platform. To unlock it, you need to go into the Leaderboards section on Battlelog and click the on the bottom left of the page. Once all the text populates, type in these passwords:

  • “bumpinthenight” (without the quotes) for Phantom Prospect
  • “epic dream worlds” (without the quotes) for Phantom Trainee
  • “24344241893” (without the quotes) for Phantom Initiate

NOTE: You must enter Prospect, Trainee, and Initiate codes in order to unlock them. (You do not need to complete them first)

Once you enter the passwords, the screen will look like the photo below. If your screen looks the similar, you’ve successfully unlocked the Phantom Assignments.

Phantom Prospect

To complete the Phantom Prospect Assignment, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Score 200 kills with assault rifles
  • Score 200 kills with main battle tanks (including the new hover tank)
  • Get a total of 300 meter headshots

For the 200 assault rifles kills, you need to be in a ranked server. I personally recommended that you join a Domination or TDM server. The ACE 23 is a good choice, in addition to the AEK-971, M416, and F2000.

If you want do your 300 meter headshots challenge at same time as your assault rifles kills, then the SCAR-H, Bulldog, SAR-21, and M16A4 are good choices. I personally like to attempt the challenge with the SRR-61 sniper rifle.

For the 200 main battle tank kills, you can either use the normal tank or the new hover tank; they both count. You can be a driver or gunner to get your kills; they both count. I personally recommended that you join heavy armor-focused maps like Golmud Railway, Rogue Transmission, Silk Road, and Caspian Border on Conquest and/or Rush servers.

Phantom Trainee

To complete the Phantom Trainee assignment, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Score 200 kills with any pistol
  • Score 20 kills in a jet
  • Get two Shotgun Ribbons in a round

For the pistol kills, you’ll need to be in a ranked server. I personally recommended that you join a pistols-only server. If you find a pistols-only server then, I recommended that you join a Domination/TDM game mode server. The Deagle is a good choice, in addition to the SW40, G18, 93R, P226, M9, and MP443.

NOTE: The Shorty 12G does not count.

For the jet kills, you can either use the attack or stealth jet; they both count. I was personally recommended that you join an Air Superiority server, but most Air Superiority servers are now a ghost town. If you are unable to find any Air Superiority servers, the second best solution is go on any Conquest server that has a lot of vehicles, like Altai Range and Silk Road.

Keep in mind that you need 20 kills on any type of enemy. This includes enemy infantry, tanks, boats, jets, helicopters, etc.

The best tutorial for flying and dogfight that I’ve found so far is by well-known Battlefield YouTube personality FrankieonPCin1080p. Frankie made this tutorial back in Battlefield 3, but it still holds true in Battlefield 4. For Consoles players, skip to 2:38 of this video.

I find the best cannon on the stealth jet is the 25MM cannon because you can do ground attack runs and not miss most of your shots in a dogfight with other jets.

If you’re still having problem with this, try to use the attack jet and try to hunt jeeps/bikes and low-health tanks with laser guided missiles. If you’re still having problem with this, let your friend play on your account and beat it for you.

The final step to complete this assignment is getting two Shotgun Ribbons in a round (12 kills in a round with a shotgun). I highly recommend you join any matches on Domination or TDM servers.

NOTE: You must do this in order. If you don’t follow these instructions in order, you may need to start over. Make sure you take care in following these steps, since the Battlelog is known to have a few issues.

Phantom Initiate

To complete the Phantom Initiate assignment, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Get 200 kills with LMG
  • Get 50 kills with explosives
  • Get 25 roadkill

For the LMG kills, I personally recommended that you join Domination/TDM game mode servers with high tickets. The Type 88 is good choice for low rank players in addition to the AWS, MG4, PKP Pecheneg, and M240B for high rank players. Battlefield YouTube personality Xfactor made a great tutorial on how to dominate with an LMG.

For explosives kills, you’ll need to be in a ranked server. You can use C4, XM25 Airburst, M32 MGL, Claymore, M2 Slam, AT Mine, RGO Impact, V40 mini, Frag grenade, M320, M320 LVG, or the M320 3G. All AT/AA launchers count as explosive killa as well. I’m not sure if the battle pickups count as explosives kills. I personally recommend that you go on Operation hurt Locker or Operation Metro to spam a few grenades. Please do not put C4 on flags.

For roadkills, you need to be the driver of any vehicle, including the SUAV, Jets, and Helicopters. I personally recommended that you join full conquest 64-player server, unless you’re playing BF4 on last-gen consoles, then go on big and empty maps like Golmud Railway, Lancang Dam, Lost Islands, Rogue Transmission, or Caspian Border. Also you can get a lot of roadkills by pancake-ing snipers camping on Siege of Shanghai and Zavod 311 rooftops. You can work on both roadkills and explosives kills at the same time by putting explosives on jeeps and hunting both infantry and vehicles.

Phantom Operative

Now, how to enter the Phantom Room found in the map Hangar 21 to unlock the Phantom Bow.

There are many things that need to be completed before you can enter the Phantom Room:

  • Wear Phantom Dog tag
  • Wear Phantom Gun camo
  • Wear Phantom Soldier camo
  • Find a Final Stand Dog tags
  • Wear one of Final Stand Dog tags
  • Have you and three of your friends or foes wearing difference Final Stand Dogtags and pick difference classes that each other.

To get Phantom dog tag, gun camo, and soldier camo, you’ll need complete the Phantom Prospect, Phantom Trainee, and Phantom Initiate Assignments to get access to the elevator that takes you down to the Phantom room.

To find Final Stand Dog tags, here’s an Imgur Album that will help you find all of Final Stand Dog Tags on each Final Stand maps:

Once you and your three friends unlock everything you need, make sure you’re wearing difference Final Stand Dog tags and pick difference classes from each other. If not, you and your friends will die in the elevator on the way down. If you live, then going up to force field shield the Phantom Bow and enter this code into the keypad: 1290 429 397648 970

This is code to gain access to the Phantom Room and the Bow. Once inside the room, you still need receive your Phantom Operative Assignment orders by interacting with the papers found in the room here.

To complete the Phantom Initiate assignment, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Get 200 kills with the Phantom Bow
  • Get 50 headshots with the Phantom Bow

I personally recommended that you join any ranked Bow-only server. If you have not found any Bow-only servers, then Domination/TDM game mode servers with high tickets is second best. The Phantom is not ideal in close quarters combat. Once you complete Phantom Initiate assignment, you’ll unlock the Phantom Operative Dog Tag.

Battlefield YouTube personality Westie made a great “first look” video for the Phantom bow. Also, you may or may not see a familiar MP1st reader in the combat feed whose work you’re reading right now!

If you’re having problems finding Final Stand Dog tags and/or do not have enough friends to get access to Phantom Room, the battlefield Reddit community has started a thread for helping people finding Final Stand dog tags and getting their Phantom Bow. You will find it here.

WARNING: If you’re trying to boost to complete Phantom Assignment, you may get ban.

I hope my guide helps you to complete the all of Phantom Assignments and the Phantom Program.

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