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The Department of Gender Studies strives to meet the growing demand for expertise in gender issues by providing both Master's and doctoral level programs in gender studies, as well as serving as a base for non-degree studies and other activities in the field. The department attracts students from a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities, and focuses on integrative and comparative approaches in gender studies. The department emphasizes a rich variety of intertwined scholarly interests, such as gender and (post) state-socialist studies, nationalism, theory, cultural studies, transnationalism, and international political movements. With an important, but not exclusive, focus on Central and Eastern Europe, both the Master's and doctoral programs seek to contribute to the development of socially relevant knowledge based on these approaches, and to critically interrogate past and present developments related to gender in culture and society.


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The GEMMA application deadline is February 15th for students who want to apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (please, bear in mind that this edition as in the previous one, scholarships are only available for non European countries!). For self-financed students we will open a 2nd call for applications later on, once the call for scholarships has finished. For application details please check the GEMMA Website 


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Find out more information about Gender & Sexuality Studies

Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies give you the insights and knowledge to educate the world against prejudice (new or old), and pretty much win every argument against obnoxious creeps. As a subdiscipline of Social Sciences, Gender & Sexuality Studies teaches you the historic, social, and cultural views of gender representation.

Why is femininity associated with soft words and shy glances? Why are men expected to be strong and powerful, always aspiring to become a CEO or a president? By studying Gender & Sexuality, you will learn how to challenge old concepts and invest in new ones, modernising mentalities and approaches. Graduates can be expected to find work in various fields, all ranging from:

• Teaching
• Health and Welfare
• Political or Public Policy-Making
• Media Writing and Advertising
• Management of Private and Public Enterprises

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