Mcm411 Assignment 2% Solution Of Lidocaine

MCM411 Introduction to broadcasting VU
The objective of this assignment is to
 Involve student in the analysis of PEMRA.
 Give them awareness regarding the current state of PEMRA.
By late 1990’s, Pakistan establishment had come to realize that to counter the cultural threat imposed by the Hindi channels available through satellite receivers, it needed to encourage private TV networks since the state owned PTV was failing to attract audiences who wanted more openness both in terms of entertainment and current affairs. This led to the promulgation of an ordinance in 1997 to set up a regulator for the electronic media. Federal cabinet in January 2002 formally approved the text of an ordinance to create an autonomous regulatory authority for independent electronic media. Initiating in April 2000 as regulatory authority for media broadcast organizations RAMBO, it was later renamed the Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority PEMRA. PEMRA was established on March 1st 2002 through an ordinance to induct and facilitate the private sector in to the field of electronic media.
PEMRA, the regulator for electronic media in Pakistan, has been made responsible for formulating technical standard and scrutinizing technical feasibility for broadcasting services including radio, television, satellite broadcasting, cable television, multi-channel multi-point distribution service (MMDS) and local multi-point distribution service (LMDS).
According to PEMRA Ordinance 2002, the Authority has been mandated to:
(1) Improve the standards of information, education and entertainment,
(2) Enlarge the choice available to the people of Pakistan in the media,
(3) Facilitate the devolution of responsibility and power to the grassroots by improving the access of the people to mass media at the local and community level, 

(4) Ensure accountability, transparency and good governance by optimizing the free flow of information.
It has been almost 13 years when PEMRA has been formed. Considering the performance of PEMRA in all these years do you agree that PEMRA has played its role in achieving the mandate as given above? Discuss by giving your point of view
 Discuss each point by supporting your answer with examples.
 You can research online for related material but avoid direct copying rather rephrase the text.
 Give references to your work.
Learning outcomes:
Students will learn
 How PEMRA has shaped in 13 years.
 What role PEMRA played in achieving its mandate.

Learning Objectives:

The objective of this assignment is

  • Involve students in analysis of a University radio.
  • To debate over the launch of a VU-FM Radio.


FM Radio channels-very much famous these days has the capacity to cover short distances. Listeners can tune to different frequencies of their choice, may that be entertainment, news or education FM provides all that. With the advancement in programs side of broadcasting, progress has also been made in the technical side of broadcasting. In fact the two sides lead each other in the mutual growth of the subject of broadcasting.

Given below is a link to a university radio broadcast

  1. Analyze the broadcast and identify the different programs pattern in it. Also, discuss how the different programs are beneficial for the progression of education? Give your point of view
  1. Discuss that if Virtual University of Pakistan Launches an FM radio stations. What different programs can be made part of its broadcast keeping the distance learning perspective in mind?


MCM411        Introduction to Broadcasting

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