Gb540 Unit 4 Assignment Mt140

Question 1:How would creating a new coordinating position between the CEO and locationmanagers help the business to grow?Answer 1:The Sandwich Blitz organization has grown as far as it can without engaging a majorproject to investigate the best process for a major expansion. In order to accomplishthis, the job function that Dalman and Lei have been performing since the start of thecompany, daily operations should be assigned to a job position called Daily OperationsManager. This job would be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the stores. Eachof the store managers would report to this new position. This person will take on the dayto day duties in managing the stores that Dalman and Lei had been performing. Thiswill free up Dalman and Lei so that they can concentrate on building the business.Question 2:Is promoting an existing manager the best option to fill this position? If not, what is analternative source to till the position?

Sandwich Blitz Unit 4 assignment Jennifer Hogue October 14, 2014 If Dalman and Lei were to decide to create a new position in Sandwich Blitz, this position would be put in place in between the CEO and the location managers, this position would allow the company to grow larger than it already has and it would free Dalman to focus on expanding the company to create more revenue. Currently there is no position in place between the location managers and the CEO which has forced Dalman to play area manager, visiting the various locations, and focusing on addressing any issues the management staff may have already addressed or not since the last time he visited that location. This would also force Dalman to address any of the emergency issues that any of the locations have at any given time, on top of the issues that location may have. This takes away time from being able to expand the company. Ultimately creating a district manager position would allow Dalman to focus on expanding the business on a faster scale, and not focus on these issues. This would

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